Do you take days, weeks, months to generate value for your customers through content?

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Do you take days, weeks, months to generate value for your customers through content?

That’s too long and its time for a change.
I was blessed to sit with three talented young influencers over the past few days at the Nurture Her conference in Fiji. Sarah Holloway, Tegan Martin and Hollie Azzopardi all had something pretty special in common which I took as a great wake up call for myself.

Let’s start with Sarah, she created 5 pieces of content which she knew would be of value to her customers and she had shared them before the end of the 1-hour session. She was constantly driven to create value and didn’t let perfection get in the way. She also used it as a way to embed learnings and insights for herself as they were then a record of the key insights and takeaways from the sessions.

Perfection is the enemy of progress.


Hollie was workshopping her 3 unique customer value points during the Zac De Silva session, and I suggested she ask her customers. As this is what I do. But I wait until I see them or perhaps when I am next on a call. She picked up her phone and did an Instagram story asking her community for insights. And the big insight for me was that she received them before the end of the workshop. Job done. No more work required. Tegan did the same. But her approach was collaborative. Content created together. Reaching out to others around her to add value to other peoples content at every opportunity. So content is not a solo process. Who could you collaborate with to share value? So it got me thinking about my experience in corporate engaging the business in the process of rolling out social and content for the brand. It took time, Too much time.
We needed to do research. To plan. To build a governance framework to mitigate risk. We needed content frameworks and production workflows. We needed ‘specialists’ to write our content. And we needed time to think. So much time. And this wasn't driven by us but by the leaders of the businesses we worked for. It was a requirement for change. And in the meantime, our customers and our community sat waiting. Waiting for the value, we could have provided sooner. Waiting for the impact we could have had months prior. Waiting for the value that could have made an impact sooner. But what if we all took a leaf out of Sarah, Tegan and Hollie's book? What if we focused on the customer and didn't let fear of risk get in the way of creating impact? What if we enabled our staff to be like them? Would the world end when someone made a spelling mistake or used the wrong word? No. Would our customers and our community form a deeper connection with our brand? Consider this. We need to generate 7 hours or 11 touch points to create a connection of trust, and this is required to do business together. So imagine if your staff could be generating those touch points and those hours of content with people who would never get a chance to have a meeting with you? How would that impact your business? How much would it impact revenue? Perhaps it's time to rethink how we communicate value and start getting prolific rather than perfect. As prolific leads to polish and polish may just move you in the direction of perfect. (Reference my selfie face as compared to the gorgeous Hollie - by getting prolific, I hope to move towards polish)

Jane Peacock

Jane Peacock is the Managing Director of Purpose-led Digital, a professional consulting firm that helps businesses prepare for the inevitable digital disruptions ahead. An inspiring and ROI-focused digital transformation specialist, Jane works with CEOs, boards and senior management teams. She helps business leaders identify and flesh out digital strategies suitable to their specific business needs and shows them why these strategies are now vital parts of modern-day business plans. Jane wants to make sure companies – no matter what sector, industry or market they specialize in – future-proof their business plans today so they can continue being relevant for their customers and/or clients tomorrow. Find out more

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